La French Touch

The Definitive and most comprehensive Guide to French Star Wars Collectibles from the original era 1977 to 1987.

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La French Touch 2016 edition

First released in 2013, “LA FRENCH TOUCH: The Definitive Guide to French Star Wars Collectibles 1977 to 1987” has been widely acclaimed by collectors and fans at large. It is the MOST comprehensive book about vintage Star Wars collectibles from France during the original Trilogy era. A Definitive Edition (274 color pages) was released late 2015 - Available in separate ENGLISH and French printed editions.

What's inside

This book reviews the history of the entire range of French merchandise released during the original era [some heretofore unreferenced or thought to exist only in myth] featuring EACH single product photography, and the way those products were promoted and advertised through many public and professional materials. It also re-examines the response the original movies received in France through a wide press / magazine review and documentary references.

The release of “Star Wars” in 1977 brought an incredible opportunity to reinvent promotional and marketing strategies through film-related merchandising. France was among the very first countries to have Star Wars-related merchandise at retail, including some items exclusively designed for the domestic market before the progressive standardization of products was implemented across Europe

French Touch 2016 edition cover

This book is the outcome of two decades of researching, collecting and identifying all of these items and their history; It presents the author’s point of view in the broader context of the 1980s. This edition comes with a stunning new cover and 30 additionnal pages with amazing material. Readers will enjoy the development of the merchandising and marketing methods associated with this world-famous license throughout 274 color pages and 1500+ stunning photographies - Available in two separate editions: FRENCH and ENGLISH. Dimensions 8x10".

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